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Shining a Light on Leading with Love

Leading with corporate America? Yes, it’s real. I was stunned and thrilled to learn of organizations who take this methodology to heart—and live it. It’s refreshing, eye-opening and enlightening. On the other hand, it seems to me, quite frankly, that it’s really the only and right way to lead.

The general philosophy is outlined in the book written by @AlexanderStrauch, A Christian Leader’s Guide to Leading with Love (originally published in 2006). Based on the Bible, Mark (12:30-31), we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. Yes, the basic concept is the age-old adage reminding us to treat others as we would like to be treated. Strauch points out that strong leaders should not only possess qualities of courage, resourcefulness, charisma, conviction, perseverance, visionary thinking, self-discipline and decisiveness, but also should treat their employees with love. 

A recent Forbes article, Leading with Love: An Unconventional Approach To Leadership, (June 29, 2018) written by CEO and Founder of Pursue Your Purpose, Int'l Business Strategist and Speaker, #TamikoCuellar, lists several ways to show love to your staff—show appreciation and offer encouragement; be understanding and flexible but within firm boundaries; listen and keep the lines of communication open; train rather than criticize; offer support when the team is overwhelmed; and ask how they are doing—and really mean it. Cuellar states, “Business is 90% relational and 10% transactional. You are not required to be a therapist, but as a leader, you can show empathy for your staff in a balanced and non-intrusive way.” 

One organization that truly practices what they preach is #Herschend Enterprises, a family entertainment company with heart. Their corporate culture is based on nine Leading with Love Foundational Principles—be patient, kind, humble, respectful, trusting, unselfish, forgiving, truthful and dedicated. Hershend’s family values has driven a balanced approach for more than 50 years─it’s not just about finances, but also about providing a culture offering a great place to work that adds value to their communities and guests. 

Similarly, at the January 2018 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Alibaba founder and Executive Chairman #JackMa reiterated that “leaders need IQ, EQ and LQ—the quotient of love.

And #GerryCzarnecki, with over 40 years of experience as a leader, C-level and senior executive in Fortune 100 companies (like IBM and Bank of America), privately held companies, public companies and non-profits, has written several books about Leading with Love, outlining his management philosophy as a path to superior leadership and success.

In a YouTube video published by The Balancing Act, Czarnecki sums it up well: “The book is all about the fact that you can care about human beings and still be successful in your responsibilities as a leader.” He added that employees should also expect this behavior from their bosses and hold them accountable…or find a new boss!  

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