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#DavidGoggins This book... This story... This man... is awe-inspiring. Through personal #herculean efforts, he transformed his mind, body and life to overcome a childhood that was horrific, teenage years leading towards becoming a typical statistic, and a less-than-desirable dead-end job. He pushed himself to unhealthy extremes to become extraordinary — the absolute best #NavySeal #enduranceathlete #armyranger #airforceTacticalController and the "fittest man in America."

I couldn't put this book down as I was simultaneously shocked, amazed, surprised, horrified, impressed and heart-broken!

While his methods weren't always the best for his health, and his commitment to fitness and constant accomplishments have not seemed to leave much room for joy and happiness in his life, I did find inspiration in his words and example.

I listened to the audible book which included a podcast and narration by David Goggins and Adam Skolnick, making it much more personal and powerful.

I felt compelled to share a few key highlights that stuck with me…

“Life isn’t supposed to be fair. Don’t focus on what you think you deserve, take aim at what you are willing to earn.”

“You can’t find peace until you go to war with yourself.”

“Peace isn’t a look on your face. It’s a feeling in your heart.”

“There is no obstacle in front of me that is more powerful than the will I have to conquer it.”

“You and only you are in control.”

“We need to shoot for more than we even thought was possible.”

Goggins found unorthodox, exhausting, painful ways to overcome so much in his life. His accomplishments, and more so his many failures, fueled his desire to continue to excel and be the absolute best. Although he takes credit for doing it all on his own, he also admits to believing in a higher power greater than himself. His greatest fear is not living to his fullest potential.

Are you?

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